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This whole situation really makes me want Bitcoin to succeed.

In my humble opinion, toxicity in the Bitcoin community once may've been a feature, but now is a bug. It drove a lot of folks I know away from Bitcoin, including @elonmusk. That said, I'm still at it, learning by focusing on positive educators in the space. Love > Derision

over 2 years ago

Satoshi Nakamoto should be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

over 2 years ago

Building something ppl want is so hard/rare that, when a product is working, it might not end up being the winner, but the underlying mechanics will exist in some form Bespeaks the inevitably of tech to fulfill human desires e.g Bitcoin (works) Secret (too early) Bitclout (TBD)

over 2 years ago

I don't know many people who believe in something more than my bitcoin friends believe in BTC. There are memes and then there are religions.

Bitcoin is a constant marshmallow test, except the marshmallow alternates between expanding and shrinking wildly.

Gold is not a valuable money because it has value as, say, Jewelry. It has value as Jewelry b/c it’s a valuable money. This misunderstanding causes people to overrate gold as it relates to BTC There’s a similar misunderstanding that leads people to overrate art relative to NFTs

if you're investing in Bitcoin at these prices, more power to ya

Triggering smart contracts using predefined conditions is a widely needed capability across #DeFi and other hybrid smart contracts. Chainlink Keepers provides a decentralized & reliable way to make sure that critical smart contract functions are executed. blog.chain.link/chainlink-keep…

Prediction: 150m+ Americans will own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency by 2025. twitter.com/danheld/status…

“Veterans are a symbol of what makes our nation great, and we must never forget all they have done to ensure our freedom.”- Rodney Frelinghuysen #MemorialDay

With the experience of years and wisdom of age, I would have told my younger self to lay in wait and put a good chunk of my capital in bitcoin starting in 2009. 😀 twitter.com/Three12Capital…

Three months ago this would have made no sense to me. Lots of wisdom to unpack. Makes me realize that some tweets can be like treasure hunt clues. 👁👁 twitter.com/shervin/status…

Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Speaks Publicly for the First Time Since 2013 – Bitcoin News | Daily Bitcoin News. I was honored to join Ross’ mom Lyn ⁦@Free_Ross⁩ to hear Ross tell his story in his own powerful words. Recording in link dailybitcoinnews.com/silk-road-foun…

Bitcoin disappoints both optimists and pessimists

Bitcoin is either priced 100x too high, or 100x too low. We'll find out in 10 years.

I can distill my financial advise into 2 words: Hold Bitcoin.

If you had a magical money printer in your closet... and you could use it whenever you had money problems. wouldn’t you push that button? The USA will never stop printing money and devaluing the dollar Store your wealth! #Bitcoin

it's amazing to me that bitcoin "Pivoted" without having a ceo or company. From "peer to peer payments" to "digital store of value" the original whitepaper, and early coinbase pitchdeck completely underestimated that Gold 2.0 would be where it found product-market-fit

Crypto Chart Nerds: tell me if I’m wrong: If Elon wanted to hurt bitcoin while making a ton of money, could he: - go massively leveraged short BTC - sell their $1.5B btc position - go on TV & say we sold everything. Environmental concerns etc 🖕to btc maxis + big profit ?

over 2 years ago

How fully diluted market cap matters in crypto. A thread for (retail) investors.

Bitcoin isn’t valuable due to tech or miners or exchanges or institutions. Bitcoin is valuable in direct proportion to diehard believers that agree to transact directly with each other under its rules. Someone, somewhere, is always ready to give you their house for Bitcoin.

To the generation born after Bitcoin, it’s as old as gold.