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COVID could be crypto's moment: It showed our gov'ts are incompetent so we need charter cities, our media is cynical so we need prediction markets, & our gov’t will print their way through everything so we need bitcoin. Trust in institutions is low, & crypto is all about trust.

Cryptocurrencies are digitally-native monies that outcompete pre-internet monies on several dimensions. What are the digital equivalents for status signaling that outcompete other signaling purchases, and could even obsolete them one day? Digital versions of rims, sneakers, etc

Coinbase founders meeting on Reddit is like Wordpress/Gitlab succeeding as a distributed company: it proves it can be done, and makes it easier to sell because you can point to a winner.

What are the best crypto funds under $50M? Or the best angels more broadly in the space? We're looking for great folks to include as co-investors.

In the same way that crypto-networks aim to wrest power away from centralized corporations—to change “don’t be evil” to “can’t be evil”— The pseudonymous economy aims to wrest power from decentralized mobs—to change “don’t cancel others you disagree with”to “can’t cancel others”

"Consumers who say they are not interested in using digital currencies most commonly point to the lack of information"accenture.com/SiteCollection…

ChainLink: A Decentralized Oracle Network, connecting Smart Contracts to real world data, events and bank payments; link.smartcontract.com/whitepaper

Looking back on #Devcon3, I'm really impressed by the Ethereum community's eagerness to make infrastructure that solves real societal issues

1/ We're in the process of helping @bzxHQ solve this pricing data manipulation issue for the long-term by using our decentralized oracle network's price reference data; feeds.chain.link providing both a decentralized oracle mechanism and multiple quality data aggregators. twitter.com/el33th4xor/sta…

Excited to see DeFi's growth past $2Bn, and believe it shows the early stages of universally connected smart contracts redefining our industry. We are seeing growth in both the amount of teams using feeds.chain.link and the amount of data put on-chain for new #DeFi markets

A recent podcast about how #DeFi's growth is the early stages of universally connected smart contracts gaining adoption. Enabled by decentralized oracle mechanisms (@chainlink) and the on-chain data delivery they enable. Thanks @jamie247 for having me on; apple.co/3fLL2cx pic.twitter.com/TDExXEGjUb

One scenario for the adoption of smart contracts as the dominant form of digital agreement is driven by a loss of faith in “brand-based” contracts. These contracts may fail in extreme market conditions, to be replaced by “math/cryptography-based” contracts coindesk.com/how-defi-could… pic.twitter.com/pmQHSf7hnF

Data quality is an important consideration for smart contract developers to keep in mind, and especially relevant when building #DeFi Smart Contracts. Here are some key considerations about data quality working together with an oracle mechanism's security blog.chain.link/the-importance…

Thrilled to share my presentation from @initc3org's bootcamp: bit.ly/2F3MgT9, covering some of the key points for designing a decentralized oracle mechanism: Data quality, Origin Proofs, Data Validation, Crypto-economic Security and Data Privacy: youtube.com/watch?v=t29bBB… pic.twitter.com/74eTWsVowN

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Providing validated weather data on-chain is already enabling an entirely new category of universally connected smart contracts; parametric crop insurance. Farmers all over the world can now continue to operate regardless of unpredictable weather patterns: arbolmarket.com/businesses-and…

It seems likely DeFi will be adopted by existing financial institutions as a new financial product. Starting with access to Bitcoin needing custody solutions, evolving into the need for a blockchain abstraction layer to interact with #DeFi smart contracts. youtube.com/watch?v=7ECeIK…

Proof of Reserve allows #DeFi protocols to have proof about the collateral they rely on. Encouraging the use of that collateral. It's on track to secure $1Bn+ in BTC through @WrappedBTC and @renprotocol: forbes.com/sites/rorymurr… blog.bitgo.com/chainlink-brin… medium.com/renproject/cha… pic.twitter.com/6WKEXk3IWW

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A discussion about smart contract insurance with Sid Jha of @ArbolMarket, which is providing live weather insurance to various emerging markets using #chainlink oracles. One next generation idea is the use of insurance premiums for collateral within #DeFi. youtube.com/watch?v=lvKClP…

Just like web developers combine multiple APIs, libraries and external services to quickly build high value web applications. We're now seeing various smart contracts being composed together with oracles to create real value. Slides bit.ly/2T876EO youtu.be/xb4rjKnT0t8

An increasing number of on-chain price oracles are being exploited via flash loans, as a way to easily manipulate prices used in DeFi contracts. Developers, please be aware of these risks as detailed in various posts from us here: blog.chain.link/the-importance… blog.chain.link/flash-loans-an…

#DeFi protocols should avoid using a single exchange or even just a few exchanges as their price source, regardless of whether it's an off-chain exchange that seems reliable and/or an on-chain DEX. Read more here: blog.chain.link/the-importance… or watch here: youtube.com/watch?v=UAP6--… pic.twitter.com/00uZ0FkO6p

Because trading volume can rapidly shift, good market coverage enables a global market price that is immune to manipulation of one or even a few exchanges. #DeFi's adaptability to shifts in volume across exchanges via an accurate global price is important. blog.chain.link/the-importance… pic.twitter.com/C8mvqn7Kg2

Composability of smart contracts and oracles into various #DeFi protocols, that then go on to rely on each other as on-chain services, enables developers to rapidly create and improve new smart contract use cases. Full Video youtube.com/watch?v=rJIH8u… Slides chn.lk/3okxYii pic.twitter.com/g9XBIRrDsT

While #DeFi is just getting started, with only ~2.4% (16Bn) of cryptoassets ($660Bn) secured by DeFi Protocols. Providing assets from industries like insurance ($6.3Tn) and trade invoices ($19.5Tn) as collateral for DeFi, is also a very large opportunity: insureblocks.com/ep-139-smart-c… pic.twitter.com/4Y0k9uYgTN

Providing accurate data from hundreds of high quality data sources that provide a tamper-proof global price, in a decentralized way, is a key part of what enables Chainlink to make #DeFi itself tamper-proof. Some discussion on this point with @shvandrew: youtube.com/watch?v=77eNN7… pic.twitter.com/bz3dFTecD2

Global financial markets seek yield, want to avoid counterparty risk and fear rapidly rising inflation from unprecedented money printing. #DeFi consistently provides superior 5%+ yield, transparency via blockchains and acts as a hedge against inflation. open.spotify.com/episode/7n2EaJ… pic.twitter.com/e2HupEr8kg

Just like the internet's infrastructure matured to an inflection point before its best use cases went live, we are now seeing the improvement of blockchains, smart contracts and oracles to the inflection point where #DeFi is a new global financial system. open.spotify.com/episode/7n2EaJ… pic.twitter.com/I6QZPsNhoI