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Thoughts on "going viral". A short thread...

How to grow on Twitter: 1. Write about what fascinates you. 2. Post at least 1 tweet per day. 3. If it doesn’t provide insane value, don't post it. 4. Always post your best idea right now. Don’t save it for later. 5. Take 10+ min to edit each tweet and find the perfect word.

Let’s dig through the archives... What is a useful or insightful piece of content on the internet that is at least five years old?

I'm trying to put together a list of amazing, but older blogs. Could be individual posts or full archives. Generally speaking, think: 2005-2015 time frame. What would you include?

The rise of Instagram reels & YouTube shorts will surely reduce the attention spans of an entire generation. If you don’t believe me, use them daily for a month or so. Notice how you feel after. Makes me a little uncertain about the future of long form content like podcasts.

Creating art is therapy, where your memories serve as your therapist. Therefore : - Write - Compose - Film - Draw And witness your art heal your soul.

An underrated aspect of a content creation career is the huge amount of learning involved. The research, questions and writing that goes into creating scripts… it’s an intense process man… The result is a much richer, enhanced mind. Knowledge is the gift of this career!

Find like-minded folks who will work just as hard as you will. You will NOT build anything substantial if you try building it alone. Find your tribe and stick by them. Help each other when you fall. Learn from each other. And eventually, RISE TOGETHER. Good luck, God bless!

Content creators are happy. But retention doesn't improve. Why not? You have a bad case of The Interesting-ness Problem. When a user opens an app (IG, youtube, TikTok) they need juicy content within 7 seconds (or they bounce) This is the "Interesting-ness" problem.

over 2 years ago

The internet content supply chain: 🌱4chan --> Imgur --> Reddit --> Blogs --> Twitter --> Facebook --> Linkedin 🪦

over 2 years ago

when people ask me how I have time to create content on top of having a job, kids etc.. All I can say is.. I tweet when I poop.

Social networks turned consumers into content creators. Crypto networks turn customers into investors.

Make content _Earn attention __Sell attention ___Earn money ____Spend money _____Get time ______Spend time _______Making content

over 2 years ago

Start by creating content. Your passions will emerge or narrow. You'll be able to grow an audience . . . then figure out REAL ways to make $

I’m yet to meet anyone that produces high quality content that doesn’t have a high quality information diet.

over 2 years ago

2. The Best Content Involves A Red Pill • "If you want to build a good podcast, following, or blog - you've gotta create your red pill" • Hand society something they're not hearing anywhere • Society says blue pill. Your content says red pill. (@finnscave via @ShaanVP)

Watching mindless TV is a very important part of my creative process. It’s the only way I stay in touch with popular culture and avoid becoming a weird subcultural subspecies of human

over 2 years ago

People don't have short attention spans: • They finish 3 hour Joe Rogan episodes. • They binge 14 hour shows. They have short *consideration spans:* they must be hooked quickly. Point: Don't fear making great, in-depth content. But, ensure your first minute is incredible.

A content "engine" is a process for: 1. Consuming high-value information. 2. Synthesizing ideas out of it. 3. Narrowing into the good stuff. ... and doing this without burning out.

Getting content ideas: • Buzzsumo shows competitors' big content. Write about those topics • Google Trends shows breakout topics in your industry. Cover them • Search Reddit for good content that didn't go big. *Credit* (!) your source, remix the insights, and push it broader

Analogies help your ideas pop off the page. One way to write an analogy: • Make a comparison (red) • Explain the comparison (green) • Delight readers with the significance of it (blue) pic.twitter.com/FwqsPLTaMi

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How to grow a podcast: • Be YouTube-first; do video interviews • Split eps into 8-25min YouTube clips with SEO’d titles • Get guests that are searched for on YouTube • Swap eps into other shows' feeds • People come for content and stay for rapport, authenticity, charisma

How to grow a YouTube channel: • Pitch the video's value in the first five seconds • Ask a question you don't resolve until the last five seconds • With YT algo, 1 amazing video > 10 good videos • Quick cuts don't give people time to ask if they're bored —Mr. Beast

One way to measure the value of an audience: Audience value = Size * Affinity * Goal fit • Affinity: How much attention they pay to you • Goal fit: Their ability to act on your goals, such as: • Buy from you • Vote for you • Share your ideas • Take social action

A question to ask when building an audience: Are they following you for your mind or your labor? • Labor: You're COLLECTING good content for them • Mind: You're CRAFTING original content Mind-followers are extra loyal. They're with you no matter what you do in the future.