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1. Google buying Android for $100m 2. Facebook buying Instagram for $1B 3. Microsoft bought QDOS for $50,000 and renamed it MS-DOS and inking IBM deal twitter.com/RamiReyesVC/st…

This is the WILD story of a Instagram food accounts that are making 10M+ a year SELLING COOKIES if you haven't heard about this... let's dive in. pic.twitter.com/Wio9F9lgix

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bold prediction - we will see a private equity buyout a IG brand like these for $100m+ in the next 24mo. The next Mrs. Fields cookies, Aunt Aunnie's pretzels, and Ben & Jerry's are going to be instagram brands FIRST. I'd invest $250k into each of these today, no hesitation.

9 Years Ago Today - Facebook Bought Instagram for ~$1B * many experts mocked the price"it has zero revenue" * I had one well known VC tell me "they bought it for $1b to set the market price for the Facebook IPO at $100B" today IG is easily worth $100B alone. pic.twitter.com/Dku965I6hb

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I'll only say it one more time: Business Instagram accounts that are set to private make me cringe and cry a little inside. 🙄😥🤔

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