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The Hegelian desire for recognition leads to identitarianism. "I must not tailor my psychological needs to the nature of society, for that would create anxiety and make me inauthentic." Gov't now played a role in serving needs for recognition. amazon.com/Identity-Deman…

over 2 years ago

In a world of empathy-based ethics, the moral sense is ultimately the aesthetic sense. And that means that when the sacred order collapses, morality is simply a matter of taste, not truth. There are no morals anymore, it's all taste/aesthetics/~vibes~. amazon.com/After-Virtue-S…

Let’s not spend too much time discussing the ethics of tech that we forget to focus on advancing the tech & thus lose the opportunity to determine the ethical direction to another country that is all-in on advancing the tech but cares little about liberal or democratic principles

over 2 years ago

Brunello Cucinelli is often called the "King of Cashmere," but he rules his fashion empire with a gentle hand. "I believe in capitalism. I need to make a profit, but I would like to do it with ethics, dignity, morals." Here's how he built his eponymous fashion brand: 👇👇👇 pic.twitter.com/p4vkV1J6xu

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