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I named my book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” not “How to Stop Climate Change,” because our climate is already changing—and no one will be hurt more by climate change than the world’s poorest people. Here's how we can help them adapt. gatesnot.es/3rW3dTb

It’s deeply unfair that the people who contribute the least to climate change will suffer the worst from its effects: gatesnot.es/3bZemwP pic.twitter.com/Y2do5GhsGx

Most people have no idea the power of bad reviews and the effect it has on small businesses. If you truly have an unforgivably bad experience, I understand but if you’re just being a brat...chill and realize that can take food off people’s tables.

Before taking a job at a startup, understand that: 1. Most startups fail aka that equity won't be worth anything 2. The amount you get from a liquidity event won't be life changing unless you're a founder (or maybe an early employee) depending on the size. twitter.com/buzz/status/10…

one of the weirdest things about LA is the amount of time/effort some people put in to live someone else's life. optimizing their time to live/experience someone else's lavish lifestyle instead of working on their own come up.

Personal branding today is the art of finesse > reality

happy 4/20 to those who celebrate but just a reminder to remember all of the people who are currrently incarcerated and those still being imprisoned over marijuana charges and the prison system that’s profiting off it all.

Most of the people that post luxurious things on social media, can’t afford or did not earn/pay for those luxurious things. It’s a weird social experiment happening before our eyes. The focus on false perception rather than personal success.

over 2 years ago

“Poor people don’t have time for investments, because poor people are too busy trying not to be poor.” I’ve never seen the financial plight of many in the black community when it comes to wealth accumulation so neatly wrapped in one clip. pic.twitter.com/mW2SUrBmQr