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At some point in the future, most of online communication will be bots. And we humans won't know it.

Building increasingly intelligent AI systems will teach us more about human nature than about AI.

Humans have been gradually merging with AI for 20+ years. At some point in this century, as a collective intelligence system, we will become more AI than human, and we won't notice.

Tesla AI day presented the most amazing real-world AI & engineering effort I have ever seen in my life.

I see several opportunities for emerging technologies such as edge computing and #AI to help make cities safer and more efficient long term. Great use cases outlined here. bit.ly/3jBFIL8

This is such a cool use of #AI! A hospital is outfitting robotic arms for wheelchairs with special AI technology that aims to mimic the human brain’s ability to learn about the environment wsj.com/articles/hospi… via @WSJ

AI will be a watershed for healthcare and a giant leap for humankind. #AI Intel-Powered AI Solution Helps Reduce Diabetic Vision Loss intel.ly/3ryaVTb via @intelnews

4 superpowers driving digital transformation: #cloud #AI intelligent #edge & #5G fueled connectivity. I joined @DanRod2000 @ #MWC21 to show how we’re helping CoSPs harness these superpowers to serve their needs & needs of their customers. #EdgeOfWonderful intel.com/content/www/us…

As a community college graduate, I’m excited to share that our #AI4Workforce Program is growing to give thousands of community college students the chance to earn a degree in AI. Intel believes #AI should be shaped by those offering diverse voices and experiences. twitter.com/intelnews/stat…

Crypto is 1st foundational silo needed to for a Cloud Governance and Cloud Government to evolve into future Startup Cities, New Cities, City-States running off a global cloud governance & cloud regulatory framework. Government policy will become more AI/Quantum computing driven.

AI +Quantum Computing +Atoms +Bits = Economic Spooky Actions at a Distance. Automation of the Mind vs Automation of the Body. This battle will determine the future of work, jobs and the global economy. twitter.com/sama/status/14…

The robot army is already here - it's just packed inside computers. Today, we talk through them as they build the world. Tomorrow, we'll talk to them as they walk the world. Wizards who master their mechanical language can command the robot army, and win the world.

Super interesting. An AI takes direct, to the point, honest feedback — which takes less time to write but can come off as mean — and softens it with cushion words. The next step is to have an AI that translates the flowery sensitive language back to “new photo sucks, change it” twitter.com/heyreiwang/sta…

I'm suspicious. I think one of the developers they interviewed might have been a MetaHuman character. Fact that I can't tell for sure says something. youtu.be/OeUBATSJSr0?t=… pic.twitter.com/Blo1O9JGJz

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When you make something 100x faster, and 100x cheaper, you get something totally new. This Engine is Unreal. twitter.com/andreoshea/sta…

Excited to support @PaulYacoubian @copy_ai in their mission to bring AI-powered copywriting tools to marketing teams! twitter.com/PaulYacoubian/…

I am talking to famous people on GPT3. Here's what they're saying. (a short thread)

1/ Which jobs in web / B2B / SaaS will be the first to be automated? Evidence has started trickling in. In this thread, I simply observe and link to it. I can't say when those jobs will go away or if at all, looking at the evidence you decide for yourself.

1/ Deep learning seems to be more like an artisanal / handicraft process than a science.

1/N My hypothesis is that AI will never be achieved. Here’s why..

1/N issue with consciousness is that it’s human centered, so we under estimate dangers of dumb AI and over estimate likelihood of evil AI twitter.com/danieldennett/…

1/ There’s ONE big unsolved problem for anyone who’s interested: reliably detecting humans on the Internet. Cracking this problem has potential to unlock billions of dollars of value. Here’s how. pic.twitter.com/MVuF3LbPzI

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1/ A thread on MACHINE LEARNING and why it's INEFFICIENT. Let's start with a simple idea. Imagine we are asked to predict and our simulation overlords feed images of the following type to "learn" from. What would you learn from white noise? Will you be able to extract patterns? pic.twitter.com/tzrNrk1IXU

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1/ Was reading and thinking about why deep neural networks work so well on "natural" learning tasks (such as image classification). Here are my notes. (If some parts are vague or if they assume a familiarity with a concept you're not aware of, please let me know)

The Texas ice storms devastated the state's electricity grid and dominated the headlines. What should the electricity industry learn from what happened? Clean energy journalist @drvolts offers his analysis on the Season 2 premiere of #ElectrifyingAI ⤵️ twitter.com/i/status/13739…

“The ex-Googlers got Groq off the ground with early financing from Chamath Palihapitiya...” @GroqInc is building a revolution in AI chips. Its been a fun ride so far but it’s just beginning... forbes.com/sites/amyfeldm…