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These students are doing inspiring work. Their ambition makes me optimistic about the future of health care (and the world). twitter.com/TIME/status/14…

I’m thinking today about the frontline heroes who risked their lives for us on September 11th and those who continue to serve our country every day.

Inequity in health is not new. Each year, more than 5 million children—almost entirely in low- and middle-income countries—die before their fifth birthday from mostly preventable diseases. Reducing this gap has been the Gates Foundation’s top priority for more than 20 years.

over 2 years ago

Everyone deserves equitable access to healthcare. That’s why we engaged partners like @MedsForAll and @OfficialUoM to find more affordable, safe materials that generic manufacturers can use to produce medicines at a lower cost.

Technology will play an important role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm proud that VMware is working with the NHS on its contact tracing effort. More info on the initiative: bit.ly/2Tw85PE

Several interesting insights presented here. There is a massive opportunity for digitization of the medical industry, not just for telemedicine but electronic record sharing + tracking and more. bit.ly/3aE2FLW

This is such a cool use of #AI! A hospital is outfitting robotic arms for wheelchairs with special AI technology that aims to mimic the human brain’s ability to learn about the environment wsj.com/articles/hospi… via @WSJ

AI will be a watershed for healthcare and a giant leap for humankind. #AI Intel-Powered AI Solution Helps Reduce Diabetic Vision Loss intel.ly/3ryaVTb via @intelnews