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In times of innovation .. people struggle to see tomorrow because they look to yesterday for their answers pic.twitter.com/E5EyNNlVgD

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The pod that dropped today is 100% one of my favorites. Why? Litigation finance. What a wild, wild biz model that I had never heard of. You have to listen one. Jammed pack with crazy biz ideas. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/189…

Amazon has brought neo-taylorism at scale to not just the US, but the world at large. The largest Danish online grocery store just got caught handing out larger-than-your-salary fines for missing 3-min city delivery windows. A dehumanizing disease. politiken.dk/del/9b7Hh5AAcH…

"Amazon last year told Ecobee it had to give the tech giant data from its voice-enabled devices even when customers weren’t using them.. [and] if it didn’t comply with the data demands, it could potentially not retain Alexa certification on future models." wsj.com/articles/amazo…

If we had a company in the West that grew as fast as Pinduoduo, it’s all anyone would talk about. Social, group buying is a fascinating “core action” that I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of here. @ClaireThielke & Xin Yi Lim guide you through it: joincolossus.com/episodes/45067… pic.twitter.com/0GjM7CvSTZ

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High leverage e-commerce wins: 1. Reduce checkout friction - Apple/Android Pay for the win 2. Quality photos - Don't have filthy cars in the car showroom 3. Free delivery - The Amazon generation hates paying 4. Social proof - Nobody buys what they don't trust.

Inversion for e-commerce: - Ignore data - Make it look like a scam - Target the wrong customers - Use visually unappealing assets - Create something people don't want - Increase the friction it takes to purchase Avoid that ^^^ It's not easy but it's simple.

over 2 years ago

Signs that the e-commerce bull run is over: • 1-2 hour deliveries • Frictionless payments everywhere • Every member of society is an internet native Until we reach this, there’s still insane growth ahead.

over 2 years ago

How to beat Amazon with your e-commerce startup: - Allow customers to monetize - Add live group classes to promote connections - Compete on community, not price - No sponsored ads - Offer high-quality courses - Extra niche, highly curated - Make it feel like a video game