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In the middle, it feels slow. In hindsight, it feels fast.

A hidden danger in modern relationships: You can only date/marry a complete human with flaws. But you can follow people on social media in the top 1% of looks/smarts/wealth/etc without seeing their flaws and compare your relationship to them. Don’t judge the whole by one part.

When I notice myself worrying about “what other people will think” I find I’m usually not worried about any single person’s opinion. If I pick a specific person, I‘m rarely concerned about what they will think. What I fear is the collective opinion in my head. It’s imaginary.

“Don’t care what others think of you” is only half true. There are good reasons to care about what others think. Namely, it usually benefits you when others like you. Social skills matter—not just courage and confidence. The question is not if to care, but when to care.

Different meanings can be assigned to the same events. Look for evidence of how the world is encouraging you, and you will find it. Look for evidence of how the world is burdening you, and you will find it. Choose an explanation that empowers you.

respect your "art" (acting, jokes, business, parenting, actual art, son) more than your friends opinions of it

im stunned by how this doesnt land for many .... "creative is subjective" "in the eye of the beholder" "Your opinion isnt "right" its just yours"

People rise & fall to the level of expectations A challenge w/ knowing people well is that you know their flaws—& they know that you know So they’re less likely to overcome their flaws since you don't expect them to If you do expect it, kindly & w/ fresh eyes, maybe they will.

most people are no smarter or talented than you, branding and perception is 95% of the battle.

focusing on the perception of success over actual success is mistake #1

The people around me growing up taught me that the perception of having money was more important than obtaining wealth through their actions. Those bad influences are continuing to impact future generations. We have to take personal responsibility to change that.

A lot of times, it’s the people who are perceived to be doing well, that are actually struggling. And the people we assume don’t have it like that are low key winning, just moving in silence.

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"I wish I could show you…the astonishing light of your own being." ~Hafez