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In WWII, more civilians died than military personal. 2x more. 50+ million. Most of those stories of suffering, and of love, will never be told. But in a way, they remain in the collective memory of our species, fueling our hope-filled, interminable drive to reach for the stars.

I get mocked for this, but I still believe that love will bring the end to war. Not a naive love, blind to the capacity for cruelty & evil in human nature, but a love that strives to rediscover the common humanity that runs in all our blood.

over 2 years ago

One thing our invasion of Afghanistan probably *did* accomplish was a fertility transition. pic.twitter.com/SU6H45TXju

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Much of our culture war is just a backdrop behind the actual war which is the top 1% vs. the top 0.1%.