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Is Fixation "THE" Necessary Cause for Suffering? ~ Shinzen Young
10 months ago
  • Very similar to Johnny Harris' video by the same name.
  • Stories
    • "Stories are built in to us, they're how our brain works."
    • "When it comes to story, my preferred method is writing".
    • "I tell stories about the things I'm experiencing because those stories become how I remember my life."
  • Attention
    • "When I work at it, cultivate it, I have more control over it"
    • "It's not how much you do, or what you do, it's the attention you bring to the things you do." <- I don't know if I agree with this. I find it difficult to bring attention to something without also bringing analysis, which takes me out of my body and into my head. Maybe this isn't what he's getting at though.
    • "Where is my attention going?"
    • "Photography is a powerful method of focusing attention. The memories gained by being forced to be attentive are more powerful/important than the photos" <- This is interesting.
    • "The function of a photo is to give you just enough to spark the memory" -> Exactly what Johnny Harris said
    • "Am I missing the moment by trying to capture it?"
    • "A huge contributor to meaning in life is doing things thoroughly. Doing things with depth" <- I'm starting to associate less and less with this take myself over time. It sounds so nice, and seems to be fashionable at the minute, I'm just not sure I find it true for myself. Meaning feels like something that kind of happens by default when you have your other needs taken care of (relationships, health), not something you cultivate with attention. But I could be wrong.
    • "If you want to remember your life, do things one at a time" - doesn't feel true for me.
    • "The right balance of Urgency and Acceptance."
    • "The idea of being a passenger in my life terrifies me" <- this is me.
    • "If you want to remember your life, make things"
  • "I'm trying to become less dependent on the algorithms, so starting an email newsletter" <- Trend indicator