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Google research really just casually drop a paper suggesting that 'real' diagnosis from a human doctor is more likely to kill than using just strictly AI (a) Not using AI at all is costing lives, and (b), using a human *at all* is costing lives pic.twitter.com/xo2A9nKXS6

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6 days ago

A reason we need beneficial AGI: After five years of pain across many systems in her body (a broken foot from stepping off a curb, debilitating migraines, fatigue, joint pain and instability, etc), my wife was recently diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Hypermobile… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

13 days ago

I was whitepilled on _Internet is Real Life_ when in 2013 I joined a cancer patients forum scrambling for answers with mom's stage 3, then 4, diagnosis; and a woman from Argentina - who was neither a doctor nor a patient, but an anon caregiver - read all my mom's reports and… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Creating a new topic here to capture the idea that, in a lot of domains, if you're good at finding truth, you may be better off not trusting the experts. Medicine & Nutrition are two really good examples where 1. Treatments/recommendations vary wildly across individuals, 2. The science is still developing almost weekly, and 3. Most "professionals" don't keep up with developments/give outdated advice.

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13 days ago