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One beautiful thing I noticed when people learn how to have conversations in VIEW (which we teach in our Connection Course) is that the sense of loneliness that so many people in our society feel just dissolves.

Saved to Loneliness

Hubs Life: The post-Marxist critics were correct. The atomization of labor and physical spaces in this country, combined with the great lust for conformity and safety, has led us to be inescapably alone, a pain that no prosperity can soothe Barry: Cheer up, mate. Life's a grind. pic.twitter.com/btybxKgliy

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Saved to Loneliness
8 months ago

“loneliness in late adulthood is deadlier than smoking. Indeed, once you’re over 65, you’re better off smoking, drinking, and overeating with your friends than you are sitting at home alone.” amzn.to/3oGXbVI pic.twitter.com/cVQA3owknt

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over 2 years ago