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The esoteric deep sleep secret That supplement companies don't want you to know about Topical magnesium on lymph nodes + camomile tea (apigenin) Will send you to realms you didn't even know existed Try it out and return with your tales from the 5th dimension pic.twitter.com/mDDqb146nf

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I wake up much more easily in rooms with east-facing windows, but sadly my bedroom doesn't face east So I experimented with sunrise alarms to simulate direct sunlight... and it helped a lot! If you struggle with waking up like me, you may want to try it: amzn.to/3Hg33iJ twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

  • Had never heard about this before as a thing that affects sleep quality
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12 days ago

Peter Attia's Longevity Routine This is everything @peterattiamd does to optimize for longevity (01:06) Peter takes his sleep seriously. He's in bed from 10PM - 6AM, resulting in ~7.5 hours of shut-eye. He uses an Eight Sleep mattress cover. (01:57) Peter's pre-bed routine:… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… pic.twitter.com/VvV7AcLpmB

My favorite purchase this year <$35 The Relaxator A small, plastic adjustable diaphragm trainer I’ve always had breathing issues - chalked up to allergies and a deviated septum In less than six weeks it totally changed the way I breathe and sleep It will help you with 4-7-8 pic.twitter.com/H0K6r58W6a twitter.com/systemsunday/s…

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Magnesium relaxes you L-Theanine helps you fall asleep Inositol stops you from waking up All without any nasty side effects Try them

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  • Thread has 44k likes, but having read it doesn't seem to offer anything novel - makes a big assumption that not being able to stop thinking is what prevents sleep, which hasn't been my experience. Saving to return to.
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over 1 year ago

Everyone says sleep more. No one says sleep better. 9 Ways to optimize the quality of your sleep: pic.twitter.com/CDRNhHguYU

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