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It's wild how gifts play with your mind. My real estate agent sent me an amazing box of toffee and caramels for the holidays. Instead of just spending $20 and buying some for myself, my brain is like, "These are incredible! I should buy another house!"

Life can only be lived one day at a time, so of course transformation tends to occur one small step at a time. Even the most motivated and radical attempt at change is limited by the length of the day. Then, it's off to bed and back at it again tomorrow. 1% better every day.

The image of perfection is what keeps you from seeing it.

Leverage converts knowledge into power.

The slippery slope fallacy is a fallacy.

If you had been born in the 19th century, you would hold the moral values of a 19th century person If a 19th century person had been born in the late 20th century, they would hold the correct and true and wise moral values you hold

In moments of uncertainty, when courage and strength are required, you find out who the true corporatist scumbags are.

on intimacy... we often hesitate to invite people into our life when we feel like our space isn’t good enough yet. things are messy, the place settings don’t match, or our situation isn’t quite what we want it to be. fear is an obstacle to feeling human. invite people in anyway.

over 2 years ago

not sure if it's comforting or frightening that the things we keep deepest or most private are often the things that resonate most with others

over 2 years ago

Paul Rand, a graphic designer, to Steve Jobs in 1985 when Jobs asked if he could see options for the branding of his new company NeXT, “I will solve your problem & you will pay me. You can use when I produce, or not, but I will not do options, & either way you will pay me.”

over 2 years ago

A horrible suspicion that has sometimes haunted me is that the Conservative and the Progressive are secretly in partnership. That the quarrel they keep up in public is a put-up job, and that the way they perpetually play into each other's hands is not an everlasting coincidence.

The terrible danger in the heart of our Society is that the tests are giving way. We are altering, not the evils, but the standards of good by which alone evils can be detected and defined.

The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen.

Suppose Conservatism means the belief that the chief parts of human doom and duty are eternal, and should be protected or consecrated by permanent traditions; in that case I am a Conservative; and so was Robespierre.