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Tom Shaughnessy
Cooper Turley: Oh My - A Yield Farming Crash Course - YouTube
Dan and Rob: The Derivatives HXROs - YouTube
Red from Harvest Finance: Scaling A Community To Match $1B In TVL At Its Height - YouTube
3LAU and Cooper Turley: Audius Is Reinventing Music Streaming - YouTube
Helium’s Frank Mong: Scaling to 1M Nodes, Capping HNT Supply and 5G/WiFi Plans - YouTube
TokenTax’s Zac and Alex: The Ultimate Crypto Tax Deep Dive - YouTube
Colin and ZX: A Technical Dive Into Filecoin’s Tokeneconomics - YouTube
Robbie Heeger: Endaoment’s Donor-Advised Funds Enable Crypto Charitable Donations For 1.5M Orgs. - YouTube
Alpha Finance’s Tascha: An Ecosystem of Bleeding Edge DeFi Products ✨ - YouTube
Leo Cheng: CREAM Listing The Long-Tail Assets for Borrow/Lending, Cream V2
Jake Ryan: The Age Of Autonomy Into 2040 and Beyond - YouTube
Brian Flynn: Rabbithole Is Pioneering On-Chain Data and Social Identities - YouTube
Algorithmic Stablecoins Series: Dan Elitzer and Lewis Freiberg Covering Empty Set Dollar. - YouTube
Algorithmic Stablecoins Series: Sam Kazemian of Frax Finance - YouTube
Taking Crypto Mainstream: Do Kwon Covering Terra, Mirror and Anchor - YouTube
Teddy and Jeff: Notional Finance Enables Fixed Rate, Fixed Term Lending and Borrowing on Ethereum. - YouTube
Jess Sloss and Cooper Turley: Social Tokens Are Rearchitecting Community and Social Engagement - YouTube
Electronic Duo Disclosure Discuss NFTs, Music and a $140K NFT Sale. - YouTube
Mark Cuban: The Billionaire Crypto Degen - YouTube
Kieran and Aaron Warwick: Illuvium Enters the Arena - YouTube
APWine: A New DeFi Primitive To Tokenize Future Yield - YouTube
Yield Guild: The Job Board of the Metaverse — Metaverse Musings Ep 30 - YouTube
Avalanche: Entering the 3rd Generation of Blockchains - YouTube
Seb Audet: Zapper Is Illuminating Crypto For All To See - YouTube
Universe: Aggregating All NFT Media Components and Evolving The Components Faster than Peers - YouTube
Crypto Venture Capital Series Ep. 1: Arthur Cheong of DeFiance Capital - YouTube
Crypto Venture Capital Series Ep. 3: Michael Jordan of Galaxy Digital - YouTube
Crypto Venture Capital Series Ep. 4: Andrew Kang of Mechanism Capital - YouTube
Crypto Venture Capital Series Ep. 5: Santiago Santos of Parafi Capital - YouTube
Jimmy McNelis: Nameless is Powering NFT Experiences for Brands Through an Expert Partner Program - YouTube