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My Simple Three-Step Color Technique I follow a simple rule - choose tones with at least 3 color steps between them. This technique guarantees a visually captivating design that stays cohesive within the selected color palette. 🎨 Color Generator in Comments pic.twitter.com/PhDRIDvrdT


Free SVG Doodle Drawings Free collection of one-of-a-kind and fun SVG scribbles (lines, abstract, circles, arrows and brushes) that will help you spruce up designs with some personality. svgicon.net pic.twitter.com/ZloxYyyZbm

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Finding quality logos for public companies can be a hassle. Some attempt to claim ownership of third-party assets, while others charge you for access. So we've decided to open-source our entire vector library. For free. Enjoy: feylogos.com pic.twitter.com/cexW5uuYwt

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Create web development masterpieces with these free CSS generators:

good icons are hard to find, here's the best places to find them: β€”phosphoricons.com β€”icons.radix-ui.com β€”iconoir.com β€”iconic.app β€”feathericons.com β€”remixicon.com β€”heroicons.com β€”tablericons.com

What a gem! Figma Wireframe Paper Kit to design low-fidelity concepts quickly (especially on mobile) (figma.com/community/file…). Kindly created by @realsharpe and the @method_inc team. Kudos to @AdhamDannaway for discovering it! #ux #design pic.twitter.com/nTAOsaiTFc

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