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this is, without a doubt, the best definition of love i've read. pic.twitter.com/s51OctcxeN

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Saved to Love

Love is insanely rare: If you feel the emotion of love with someone, understand there is a chance you may never replicate it again, with anyone… Guys love to think about other options, someone hotter + higher status; But is it worth losing a real connection? Understand this: pic.twitter.com/iloy9Ja7m9

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13 days ago

I think dating and marriage are broken because people simply have too many ideas in their heads. Many of them are correct in certain contexts, but none of them is universally true. The calculation overdetermines the encounter and love simply cannot bloom. My evidence is simply… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

One of the most accurate passages on love I’ve ever read. The opening in particular, about how there’s just too much to think about, is so accurate.

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Saved to Love
about 1 month ago