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bonkers couples' workshop story (h/t my tumblr friend nextworldover) pic.twitter.com/arMkoGWpmi

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pretty good content—unfortunately most of this has been made almost entirely inaccessible & undiscoverable to the avg person until way too late. also fascinating that a psychologist wasn’t really ready for a serious relationship until she was in her 40’s. good thing ai is here… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… pic.twitter.com/sXUGU6rfTT

Disagree with points (implies anyone with adhd is a bad partner) but want to explore this Ty guy more

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10 months ago

At what point does a couple decide whether or not to combine finances?

about 1 year ago

My wife @SaraSodineParr can't stop talking about @ramit's pod. It's sorta like couples therapy around money. I really dig it. Sara LOVES it.

Most people don’t know how to repair a relationship once it has been broken. Protocols to repair after a regrettable incident have been validated across cultures. A step-by-step guide:

over 1 year ago

The 6 Things That Predict Divorce: 1. Harsh Startup 2. The Four Horsemen↓ - Criticism - Contempt - Defensiveness - Stonewalling 3. Flooding 4. Body Language 5. Failed Repair Attempts 6. Bad Memories twitter.com/GottmanInst/st…

over 1 year ago

mfs be talking about how they want more precise language when they really want higher trust relationships

over 1 year ago

stop and read this. it's not long. this is an incredible little piece of insight from someone perfectly positioned to see it, and it puts words to a thing most of the men i know (including me) experience so latently that we don't even think about it anymore. fascinating. pic.twitter.com/BNlhvpDmia

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@JeffLadish Shared interests are important, but way less important than being able to communicate effectively about hard topics, and being on the same page on the real important shit like money, kids, lifestyle, and sex. Most of us can only accept minimal compromises on those topics.

about 2 years ago

🌈 Announcement I’ve launched a cohort-based course on deepening relationships! I’ll teach live classes that integrate everything I've learned as a facilitator of Stanford GSB's famous "Touchy Feely" class on interpersonal dynamics. Enroll: relatingbetweenthelines.com

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almost 3 years ago