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I occasionally get to hang around people with real wealth, and those on their way to real wealth. I've notice there is a rising scale of how wealth is experienced. As your income gains more zeros, you ascend through this scale. pic.twitter.com/Lz4QJBo18K

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My wife @SaraSodineParr can't stop talking about @ramit's pod. It's sorta like couples therapy around money. I really dig it. Sara LOVES it.

New paper worth a read for anyone who cares about personal finance, comparing the best economic models to what 50 popular personal finance books say… And a couple fallacies aside, the books are solid, though they simplify to make advice easier to follow. …d1a-wp-offload-media.s3.amazonaws.com/faculty/wp-con… pic.twitter.com/9AlXoUTjG2

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  • Screenshot here has some really good advice
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over 1 year ago

Who is the absolute best person you know for explaining how money and small business finance works? Like if you had to bet on one person to teach a merchant to get from 0 —> 100, where 0 really means 0, and 100 is a scarily ambitious level of proficiency... who you gonna call