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12/ Take your time in searching for challenging books. A simple heurestic to know whether a book was good: are you thinking differently about the world after reading it? If not, the book was mental junk food.

over 2 years ago

Did you know that mind maps can improve our memory by 10-15%? Read this interview with @mhollauf, co-founder of @MindMeister, to learn about: • Collaborative mind mapping • Bridging the gap between ≠ thinking modes • ... and much more! nesslabs.com/mindmeister-fe…

The steps of CODE will be automated in this order: 1. Organize (already happening with Roam) 2. Express (starting to happen with GPT-3) 3. Distill (surprisingly difficult to do) 4. Capture (easiest step for humans is the hardest for machines)

Each step of the Second Brain CODE addresses a major challenge of creative work: Capture: overwhelm and overcompensation Organize: complexity and prioritization Distill: discoverability and speed Express: resistance and getting started

There are 4 essential retrieval systems for digital notes: 1. Search: when you know what you're looking for 2. Folders: when you've been saving things in advance 3. Tags: when new categories emerge spontaneously 4. Random chance: when none of the above apply

Notetaking is a revolutionary act of taking back control of your attention from all the future versions of yourself that can’t remember

over 2 years ago

The most important quality to organize effectively is decisiveness Being decisive about what to keep, where to put it, and what to throw away Everything else comes a distant second

over 2 years ago

The only purpose of a second brain is to move the bottleneck from your mind to your heart

I truly live my life like the main character in Memento I always assume I’ll forget everything the next day. Must leave notes to give my tomorrow self clues as to what’s going on Highly recommended