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I know some of you (ego psych ppl cough cough) think the entire world runs on status. This is bs actually It is true for *a lot* of the world, but most environments I spend time in just don’t operate this way. Eg amongst a lot of my closest friendships & some scenes, it’s not as… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Very much buy the idea that status sensitive people trigger status seeking in those around them

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Experiment that made Israeli town less extreme: pic.twitter.com/zR0DdaYJvM

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15 days ago

Economies crashed. Hundreds of thousands dead. Lives ruined across the globe. What must the world learn from the great pandemic of 2020? I volunteer this lesson: Discard the myth of panic. A thread.

over 2 years ago

*Thread on the hierarchy of coordination mechanisms* The world is one huge coordination puzzle. But problematically, the most powerful coordination mechanism isn't [religion], [family], [ethnicity], [love], or [common goal]. It's [common enemy]. 1/n