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a theme v present in my mind atm: the majority of us live incredibly self-centred lives. most of what we do is in service to ourselves, either as part of the project of bettering the self (exercise, therapy, personal development etc) or protecting the self (wealth, home, status)

Children can be very cool. Some of the things we can relearn from them: • Live in the moment • Infinite curiosity • Just try again! • Boundless imagination • Anyone can be a friend


After reading a book, it’s easy to think you’re smarter for it. But it’s equally likely to have made you stupider, by making you believe things that aren’t true. Even the best, most truthful books have untruths hidden within them, often assumptions unrelated to the topic of the… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…


Doing any simple action with delight looks ritualistic. If you watch a very skilled craftsman at work, or a surgeon, or a good dentist, or a shoemaker, or a potter who thoroughly loves the work, you notice their caressing hands, the delight, the dance they do; to do this thing.… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…


some kind of carcinisation their videos have strayed from being thoughtful and insightful, into being so epistemically careless, you'd think they're competing with TED talks or the CDC

Love the term “epistemically careless”

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Borges, near the end of his life, gives one of the best definitions of a writer's "joyful duty" I've ever heard. pic.twitter.com/Lll7mbCTxk

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It is very, very hard to intervene in other people's lives -- particularly from a distance -- and not make things worse. twitter.com/pmarca/status/…

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one of the hills I will die on is that just doing the things you say you’re going to do puts u in the 95th percentile

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one of the reasons to make things is to experience the world in more detail. paint once, and you pick up on how shadows lay. CAD something, you'll notice the filleting on your devices. life gets richer, and even more so if you get to share it with friends.