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One of the most legendary marketers of all time: David Ogilvy In 1982, David wrote an internal memo to the employees of his advertising agency titled "How to write." And in just 10 bullets he put together a masterclass in effective writing. Here's a breakdown of each one: pic.twitter.com/MxRYuQRLyA

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SaaS positioning is hard and people get confused by it I do the positioning work for all of Powered By Search's clients Here's the process I follow for getting clear positioning every time:

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Every year, I respect marketing, messaging, sales, and communications more Best books: - Pitch Anything (Klaff) - Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t (Pressfield) - Positioning (Ries, Trout) - Influence (Cialdini) - Scientific Advertising (Hopkins) - Priceless (Poundstone)

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Positioning is such an under-rated and under-discussed tactic in startups. Positioning can have the biggest impact on product-market fit and its where I spend a lot of my time when chatting to pre PMF Founders.

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'Air Fryer' is brilliant marketing. 'fryer' means delicious but bad for you, 'air' means pure/clean/nothing added. 'air fryer' evokes a deliciously simple and clean way to cook -- i took ours apart, its literally a toaster oven with a tiny circulating fan.