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Some people spend weeks doing market research before shipping. Sure market research is useful, but no need to waste months doing it. Take a 7-day Ahrefs.com trial instead. Here is everything you can learn, for less than $10, and in 2 hours 馃憞 pic.twitter.com/88Q8Wb3Zrk

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Want to build your own baby Berkshire? I recently lifted the curtain on our unique (but old school) structure at Enduring Ventures. Read on to learn how I plan to pay 0% cap gains, compound tax free for decades and give my investors and executives the same luxury. 馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎

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I chatted with early @airtable employee and angel investor @edavidpeterson about the current state of product-led growth. He shared some awesome insights into how today's best SaaS companies are learning from the challenges faced by @Dropbox, @SlackHQ and other early PLG co's馃憞 pic.twitter.com/AyFUWQcyc6

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  • Adopters are not necessarily buyers, complicating the sales process
  • Layering on sales once you鈥檙e growing quickly can create toxic politics
  • Simple PLG product design doesn鈥檛 align with enterprise customer needs
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Long-tail SEO is GOLD. I published a piece of content 9 days ago. No promoting, no links, no tactics. Domain Rating: 24. 286 clicks from 1.93k impressions, and ranking in the top 10 for 14 keywords. The wild thing is, this content will keep bringing traffic for months/years.

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SaaS positioning is hard and people get confused by it I do the positioning work for all of Powered By Search's clients Here's the process I follow for getting clear positioning every time:

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I shared an article in my For The Interested newsletter this week from @randfish about how to find people to amplify your work. Here's a thread of key ideas from it...

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Referral Programs work. PayPal used one to acquire 100m users. DropBox used it to grow 3900% in 15 months. Airbnb generated 900% YoY growth for 1st-time bookings. @elonmusk says one customer should generate three. Here are 6 referral programs you should steal 馃У

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The most impactful change in venture deal terms would be to get rid of the liquidation preference and preferred stock altogether. Thread 馃憞馃徎 18 months ago I went down the path to explore creating a new type of Series A security that looked more like common stock. 1/

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Pros, cons, and mitigation strategies of solo founder vs. co-founding, courtesy of @noamwass (The Founder鈥檚 Dilemma): pic.twitter.com/KJ5cVtse1H

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