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Because art > ads New Yorkers, your subway commute just got a little more artful. pic.twitter.com/z0DpMv28rk

over 2 years ago

The easiest way to get customers will be Google Ads, Yelp Ads, and offline stuff like flyers or partnering with moving co's In most cities, there’s nobody advertising for the keywords “moving bin rental + [cityname]” eg. miami, the company advertising doesn't even serve Miami! pic.twitter.com/DlmQCS7aw3

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As the world keeps looking for ways to address the Google/Facebook duopoly on online advertising, the root-cause solution is still right here in front of us: Ban targeted advertising! Make all that data hoarding and privacy exploitation unprofitable. wired.com/story/why-dont…

Was seriously dismayed to learn that Apple itself engages in targeted advertisement, and no doubt advantages itself in these matters over the likes of Facebook. Apple doesn't need to be a targeted advertisement channel. Really undercuts its privacy credentials. twitter.com/LauKaya/status…

"So far proponents of targeted ads have been able to claim that actually many people like to be tracked because getting "relevant ads" is totally worth handing over all your personal data. The results from reality are in. 96% don't. Ban targeted ads now." world.hey.com/dhh/targeted-a…