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I suspect that a significant % of division and misinformation online is initiated and fueled by bots. Cybersecurity systems then have to defend not only our computers but our minds against digital mind viruses.

over 2 years ago

Let’s say you’re at a company’s HQ. You open up a file cabinet. In it you find 10,000 photographs of you taken throughout the years that you didn’t know about. How would you feel? People will 1 day feel that way about their internet data. I’m bullish about the space!

But people who snoop on others with spy pixels also aren't ready for those victims to know what's going on. I'm really glad we're changing that! It's well over due that people can't just get away with this any more. twitter.com/schill_jan/sta…

Hard to know who to trust these days. But I've long been a fan of @1Password. I trust that @dteare wouldn't sell our data behind our back like this. (Especially after debating him on the REWORK podcast: rework.fm/venture-capita…). twitter.com/ktr4in/status/…

"We need to bring back the idea that custodians of your reading habits, be they librarians or social media operators or online book sellers, should take a professional oath to keep your reading habits private." world.hey.com/dhh/what-you-r…

PSA: I love to help people over email, but if you use spy pixels against me, we can't be penpals. pic.twitter.com/5E3p4hihtl

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"The Federal Court has found that [Google] misled consumers about personal location data collected through Android mobile devices between Jan '17 - Dec '18. The ACCC is seeking declarations, pecuniary penalties, publications orders, and compliance orders." accc.gov.au/media-release/…

We gotta fucking stop calling it "side loading". Like it's something you do in a dark alley, away from the prying eyes of big brother. Installing software of your choice on a computer you own should not be an act of rebellion!

THE singular feature I designed into the Facebook Phone that never happened was a hard, physical toggle for privacy. By flipping it on, you go incognito with no tracking of ANY kind, on the web and IRL. Privacy is now the killer feature of the 2020s. youtu.be/-l61NE0eqkw

There are certain areas of the economy that we are learning should not be optimized for free cashflow. My top two: 1. Cyber security infrastructure 2. News When you focus these areas purely on today’s profits, they become unreliable which creates many unintended consequences.