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Social status and monetary rewards are *not* substitutes. I see this misconception a lot, often from very smart and rational people.

E.g., “Why are you defending billionaires? They are already rich. They don't need praise also.”

It goes the other way too: Scientists and teachers get a lot of praise, but they should probably also be paid more.

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over 2 years ago

Much of our culture war is just a backdrop behind the actual war which is the top 1% vs. the top 0.1%.

"In a year that's been so difficult for the black community, it's essential for brands such as @artsy to be making real change. This is a first step, providing a platform for these galleries & artists to gain exposure and see tangible results." @Everette forbes.com/sites/jennifer…

Honored for @Artsy to collaborate with the @UN Women on a benefit auction with proceeds that will support economic empowerment for black women globally and strengthen their voices. artsy.net/article/artsy-…

Many great and iconic brands began as a pre-Internet cultural meme. Memes are the Larva (caterpillar), Products are the pupa (chrysalis or cocoon) and Global Brands are the the adult butterfly. Or in Pokémon speak: pic.twitter.com/dxmXh3Zw6X

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I just finished this book norulesrules.com. took away some lessons on innovation culture, how to give/receive feedback and talent. Highly recommend.

The unprovoked attacks on members of the Asian community are hateful, psychotic, and wrong. We must #StopAsianHate. And to do that, we can’t just tweet hashtags, we must prosecute and incarcerate repeat offenders and end lawlessness in the streets. twitter.com/TheMarinaTimes…

over 2 years ago

Nietzsche say ancient Greks were SPERGS compared to the French pic.twitter.com/7bZ0H0xEVA

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over 2 years ago