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Scribbled Boundaries #653 - One word that comes to mind when you look at this opensea.io/assets/0xa7d8d…

over 2 years ago

In order for curation businesses to be successful they should: - Give someone their start or otherwise be an inflection point - Be legible (cadence, credibility, curriculum) - Invest in alumni NPS - Be so curated that every person is legit or provide so much value the best join twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

Curious to hear ideas on how to build curation businesses. We have very few disruptive new universities, accelerators, or Paypal Mafias, which means we understand very little about how to build curation businesses.

Through Naval, I discovered the term "Curation Businesses" which describe things like Universities, Accelerators, and VC firms twitter.com/naval/status/9…

This past February, @AppleMusic spotlighted myself and others for Black History Month and I created an exclusive playlist which is somewhat a narration of my personal life. Hope you enjoy and it gives you some inspiration: apple.co/3kFkcWt pic.twitter.com/WQKCuIoMR6

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“Endless Summer” a new online sale in a collaboration w/ @phillipsauction and co-curated by @artsy is open today: bit.ly/3gM0027

Find things that inspire you, save the best stuff, use it as the raw material for your work, and aim to eventually transcend it. Or, simply: Imitate, then innovate. pic.twitter.com/inDREPLuN8

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over 2 years ago