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Standing up for science has never been more important. Congratulations to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Salim Abdool Karim on receiving this honor. twitter.com/senseaboutsci/…

2021 will be better than 2020. Here’s why: gatesnot.es/3mHXkp8

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What does Rashida Jones have on her shopping list? That’s just one of the many questions that didn’t make it into our podcast. You can listen to some of the big questions we did tackle here: b-gat.es/3nQ0o3Q pic.twitter.com/yh63b11RSW

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It’s great to see India’s leadership in scientific innovation and vaccine manufacturing capability as the world works to end the COVID-19 pandemic @PMOIndia b-gat.es/3hFKNBL

#MLKDay has long been a national day of service. As we celebrate the first without Congressman John Lewis, I'm thinking about his powerful call to remain hopeful about the future as we work to make our country—and our world—a better place. b-gat.es/2D0Oj9J

I look forward to working with President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris to tackle some of our toughest challenges like COVID-19 and climate change. This has been a troubling time in America, but I see promise in the months and years ahead.

It’s great to see President Biden elevate science leadership to a cabinet-level position. Congratulations @eric_lander. twitter.com/eric_lander/st…

One of the benefits of being 65 is that I’m eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. I got my first dose this week, and I feel great. Thank you to all of the scientists, trial participants, regulators, and frontline healthcare workers who got us to this point. pic.twitter.com/67SIfrG1Yd

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Here are four other ways that America can advance its leadership on climate change this year and put the world on a path to zero emissions by 2050: gatesnot.es/2Y43ypl twitter.com/BillGates/stat…

This has been a year unlike any other in our lifetimes. In our new Annual Letter, Melinda and I talk about how we can turn the hard-won lessons of the pandemic into a healthier, more equal future for all. gatesnot.es/3qTC3v9

COVID-19 has cost lives, sickened millions, and thrust the global economy into a devastating recession. But hope is on the horizon: gatesnot.es/2YmQ6gv pic.twitter.com/sNl4kT9bE3

When it comes to preventing pandemics, scientific tools alone aren’t enough. We also need new capabilities, including a global alert system and infectious disease first responders (or what I like to call a pandemic fire squad): gatesnot.es/3arvuZZ pic.twitter.com/rTmM7STl6U

In 2020, global health went local. COVID-19 has shown us that what happens in one part of the world matters to the rest of it. If we make sure that the pandemic response reaches everyone, everywhere, we can create a world that’s healthier, more equal, and more resilient. pic.twitter.com/uhS6vt6qo8

I enjoyed spending time with @andersoncooper recently in Seattle. We talked about why I’m optimistic that the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions and avoid a climate disaster: b-gat.es/3qslHtO pic.twitter.com/2t0VncI0pA

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To avoid a climate disaster, we need to eliminate emissions from the ways we create electricity, grow food, make things, move around, and heat and cool our buildings. It won’t be easy, but I believe we can do it. This book is about what it will take. gatesnot.es/2ZdYWO2

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster is available now. I hope you’ll check out the book, but more importantly, I hope you’ll do what you can to help keep the planet livable for generations to come: b-gat.es/climatebook pic.twitter.com/MRl69gIx2o

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I had a great time working with @FortuneMagazine on this special digital issue about climate change. The entire business community has a role to play—and we need to start now. twitter.com/FortuneMagazin…

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I wrote How to Avoid a Climate Disaster because I see not just the problem of climate change; I also see an opportunity to solve it. Here’s how: gatesnot.es/3dh2kQy pic.twitter.com/QoMRuQ1g9x

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The Weekly Planet: Lately, Bill Gates has been thinking about what he calls the “hard stuff” of climate change. These hard problems are at the center of Gates’s helpful new book, "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster," @yayitsrob writes: on.theatln.tc/cBo4nx0

When I talk to people about climate change, I almost always get asked the same question: What can I do to help? Here are some actions individuals can take to move us closer to a zero-carbon future: gatesnot.es/2ZwvS4v

Bill Gates on Climate Change, Covid and Whether He Has Too Much Influence wapo.st/3puLIXU

Great to see this important step as the United States resumes our global leadership on climate change. Looking forward to working with @POTUS and Congress on a plan to ensure we reach net zero by 2050. twitter.com/POTUS/status/1…

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Meaningful action from business leaders will require the courage to take risks that many companies aren't used to taking. twitter.com/FinancialTimes…

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I’m inspired by @DonCheadle’s activism and humanitarian work. Thanks to @lawacthevents and @writersblocla for hosting our discussion about climate change and how everyone can help. pic.twitter.com/tPGhgu8C30

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Thanks @JudyWoodruff and @NewsHour for having me on the show to talk about climate change and COVID-19 – two urgent global issues that need global collaboration. b-gat.es/2ZKsgMz

There are several ways individuals can help move us closer to a zero-carbon future. Here are a few: gatesnot.es/3kjlQx8 pic.twitter.com/V3TBVjfZlp

It’s encouraging to have @ClimateEnvoy John Kerry representing the U.S. to the world. Now that we've rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, it's going to take ambitious action from U.S. leaders and those around the globe to avoid a climate disaster. b-gat.es/3pTf5Dk

I’m looking forward to joining @andrewrsorkin to talk about climate change, our foundation’s work in response to the pandemic, and more. twitter.com/andrewrsorkin/…

Thanks @kwelkernbc and @JCCAtlanta for a great conversation about how we can avoid a climate disaster. pic.twitter.com/MJRhbtDCzy

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Recent extreme weather events are a stark reminder that we’re already seeing the effects of climate change here at home and around the world. This type of observation system will help scientists monitor and predict future weather events. b-gat.es/3dORFg1