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On Writing Software Well #5: Testing without test damage or excessive isolation.
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about 7 hours ago
Clinical Psychologist: The Parenting Strategies That Will Turn Your Kids Into Exceptional Adults
Robert Lustig on what causes insulin resistance
  • Insulin resistance is downstream of mitochondrial dysfunction
  • "Insulin does everything it can to increase your fat"
  • The primary driver of insulin resistance is liver fat. This is what causes the mitochondria to not work.
  • 45% of Americans have fatty liver disease. In 1975 no one had it except alcoholics -> "This is the biggest pandemic of all"
  • What caused this? Multiple things, but the main one is dietary sugar.
  • Other things that cause mitochondrial dysfunction:
    • Bad diet generally - not eating the right fats. Omega 3s make mitochondria work better.
    • Radiation
    • Toxins in the environment, Air pollution.
  • There are 7 classes of fats - some will save your life, some will kill you.

    - Omega 3s - anti inflammatory

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What causes insulin resistance
  • Really great explanation of how muscles use glucose, and how insulin resistance
  • If you'd asked me before the video, I'd have said that too much carbs was the major danger, but it's actually elevated saturated fat levels in the blood.
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No Bullshit advice on losing fat
6 days ago
Last Stop Larrimah
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First Rootclaim Debate on Covid Origins, part 3 -- discussion and judges' questions
12 days ago
First Rootclaim Debate on Covid Origins, part 2 -- opening arguments for lab leak
12 days ago
First Rootclaim Debate on Covid Origins, part 1 -- opening arguments for a natural origin of Covid
12 days ago
How I Built A $1M Business From This Starbucks

📚 Find your $1M business idea using case studies - https://www.starterstory.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=pat&yts=true🖥 Join my free live workshop o...

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Lecture 14 - How to Operate (Keith Rabois)
How to Build Willpower | David Goggins & Dr. Andrew Huberman
After 34 Years, Someone Finally Beat Tetris - YouTube
  • More entertainment than education, but a really enjoyable tale of taking something seemingly simple to extraordinary limits
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19 days ago
How to build animated & responsive tablet UIs with React Native (at the lakeside)
20 days ago
CSS Course for Complete Beginners
20 days ago
Use Your Pension to Pay Off Your Mortgage - YouTube
about 1 month ago
How Writing Online Will Make You A Millionaire - Nathan Barry - YouTube
How I Turned $300 Into $5.1 Billion

Randomly clicked on this from the YouTube homepage. loved this guy and his story

7 months ago
Have we come full circle on Web development? • Thomas Eizinger • CodeCrafts 2023
7 months ago
LipNet: How easy do you think lipreading is? - YouTube
10 months ago
The Multi-View Lip Reading Sentences dataset - YouTube
10 months ago
(1) Liopa LipRead Demonstration - YouTube
10 months ago
Is Fixation "THE" Necessary Cause for Suffering? ~ Shinzen Young
10 months ago
📈 2023 Local SEO Ranking Factors - How to Rank in Local Search Results - YouTube
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10 months ago
TO CATCH A KILLER Trailer (2023) Shailene Woodley, Thriller Movie - YouTube
11 months ago
  • Your dopamine reserves are like a pool with waves. Throw too much in at the same time and it can slosh out.
  • Much more difficult to replenish dopamine from zero than from low.
  • NSDR has a huge impact on replenishing
Mastering onboarding | Lauryn Isford (Head of Growth at Airtable) - YouTube
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11 months ago
Learning this about DISCIPLINE changed my life. - YouTube
  • There's a problem with relying on dopamine - it's short lived and we quickly acclimate to it.
The “heroic dose” of psychedelics, according to Johns Hopkins | Dr. Matthew Johnson - YouTube
about 1 year ago