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Packy McCormick
  • Didn't find this to be one of Packy's best pieces - crux is that it can become a much bigger biz than Google/FB as the "Apex aggregator".
  • If that happens, and I can see it happening, I think I would feel a mixture of relief and disappointment. Relief that the oncoming upheaval due to AI would be slowed because the main AI company is focussing on a business model that improves incrementally on the internet business models by making it more convenient to get stuff done in the digital world. But disappointment because the things that could be transformative (curing diseases etc.) would likely take a back seat.
  • "The team wasn't expecting much from ChatGPT" - crazy.
  • "I think it can be bigger than the app store (which paid devs $60b last year).
  • "The Apex Agreggator"
  • "ChatGPT is an attention grabber" - this seems like a weak argument as a comparison to FB/social.
  • "I’d imagine that when people have something very specific in mind, they might still go to the legacy websites, but for most situations, the situations where we just have a rough idea of what we want, ChatGPT will work best" - I find this thinking so foreign personally. For me, the act of search and discovery helps me to figure out what I actually want (vs saying "Book a table at a nice restaurant"), but maybe I'm an outlier.
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