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Sandra Shaw makes art history into a grand and dramatic story—how views of life and the world have changed over the long term, illustrated in painting and sculpture. I'm excited about her new book, which I just bought: windowsonhumanity.com

TIL that there's both: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an English poet born in the 1770s, and also Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, an English composer born in the 1870s The composer was named after the poet and wrote at least one piece based on the latter's poetry (Kubla Kahn) pic.twitter.com/i2Y2ye4E5X

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about 2 years ago

What popular music in the last few decades, if any, has glorified science or engineering?

respect your "art" (acting, jokes, business, parenting, actual art, son) more than your friends opinions of it

im stunned by how this doesnt land for many .... "creative is subjective" "in the eye of the beholder" "Your opinion isnt "right" its just yours"

Excited to see how many use this smart contracts .. I love collectibles and love seeing art 🖼 and artists thrive but there’s a lot more to NFT’s …. A lot more twitter.com/SquawkCNBC/sta…

Scribbled Boundaries #653 - One word that comes to mind when you look at this opensea.io/assets/0xa7d8d…

over 2 years ago

Duchamp's post-modern art was a urinal, meaning art is something you piss on Post-modernism is that idea applied more broadly. Not only is art shit, everything is We couldn't turn to God or nature, but we were supposed to turn to socialism Now that it failed...burn it all down

over 2 years ago

Got invited by Retna to his studio and spent hours with him talking about life and art. At the end he agreed to commission a personalized piece for me. The piece is called “Relentless” which anyone who knows me, knows that’s my word. Honored to have this in my collection. pic.twitter.com/0fggvQSTHQ

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over 2 years ago

If you’re a visual artist that could use help getting discovered, selling your work, and building your brand. Sign up here: artx.net/artist-signup/ twitter.com/AfroTech/statu…

#HappyJuneteenth ! New Ep. of the podcast today feat. serial entrepreneur & marketing executive @Everette. We’ll be discussing his journey from once being homeless to running 8 figure companies and the launch of his new venture @ArtXOfficial_ . Listen: Linktr.ee/MVPodcast pic.twitter.com/4WO9GXRjyQ

I find balance in life by visiting free local art museums. That’s #MyMintBalance. Share how you practice self-care without breaking the bank with a post on Instagram/Twitter using the hashtag #MyMintBalance (along with #Sweepstakes) and tag @Mint for your chance to win $5,000! pic.twitter.com/AchTe2zxNf

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Combine a stellar background in digital #marketing and #technology with the desire to make a difference, and the possibilities are endless. Serial entrepreneur @Everette discusses his latest venture that is changing the art landscape on @businessinsider: businessinsider.com/artx-everett-t…

Join me this Thursday (October 24th) at iv gallery in Los Angeles where I’ll be discussing how art can be a vehicle for change and be used as a tool to raise awareness of societal issues. Please RSVP at [email protected] pic.twitter.com/oufcKbXxzE

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I get asked all the time why did I start to collect art. 1. It’s an investment that not only benefits you but directly supports someone else 2. The importance of ownership of our own culture 3. I was tired of throwing money away on depreciating assets 4. I love art, duh.

Announcing Artsy Viewing Rooms! More in-demand artworks and storytelling from the world's leading galleries—all in one place. bit.ly/2E5kWTO

“Endless Summer” a new online sale in a collaboration w/ @phillipsauction and co-curated by @artsy is open today: bit.ly/3gM0027

Congrats to Amoako Boafo for his first solo show with Mariane Ibrahim Gallery. Incredible show. pic.twitter.com/pwMcBh8kZY

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Stanley Whitney SunRa (2016) oil on canvas 96 1/8 x 96 1/8 in. pic.twitter.com/DZ8fUkyOE0

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over 2 years ago

Go team! @Artsy iOS app is now the most used and highest rated app in the art world. twitter.com/msteib/status/…

Discovered Jade Alexis Thacker’s work earlier this year and proud to see her have her first sold out solo show with Kravets Wehby Gallery here in NYC. pic.twitter.com/smfhm4WDcv

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Some amazing people and fellow art collectors to be mentioned alongside of. Appreciate the love @artnews. “These ambitious collectors are making it their mission to disrupt the art world’s old ways.” - @tessa_sol pic.twitter.com/IVJIbMXxTg

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Passionate. Humble. Relentless. Before taking his latest @artsy #CMO role at 30 years old, @Everette had already built up quite the life story. From homeless to successful serial #entrepreneur, Everette brings 🔥 skills to the big table. @Adweek #CMOMoves adweek.com/inside-the-bra…

Excited to announce that @Artsy has launched its e-commerce features in Hong Kong. Now you'll be able to buy art with a click of button in Hong Kong, and soon the rest of Asia. bit.ly/2IX3KT9

Great to see the art industry embracing price transparency. @Artsy is adding >10,000 priced works from top galleries and auction houses to our app ... every month. news.artnet.com/market/price-t…

Some exciting news. @Artsy x @ArtLogicMedia has joined forces to create the biggest integration in the art world. This powerful new integration will enable galleries to seamlessly share artworks directly from Artlogic to Artsy's global marketplace. bit.ly/2IUMGwV pic.twitter.com/RQGaiZcKQz

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