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Favorite project right now in NFTs My 2? @tsrocketfactory - so well thought out and real world asset from a real player in C art 🖼 world & @worldofwomennft - more expansion of the space, subjectively love the art 🖼 . Your turn … and why

It’s fun to see how steady @worldofwomennft is going … I’m a big fan of projects that look like marathons 🏃‍♀️ more than sprints 🍎just a fantastic community and everyday someone new, never in nfts, texts or emails me about it. What’s everyone take on it, do you own any ?

More consumer companies would probably benefit from helping their employees build their own audiences. “Come help us build our audience, and we’ll make sure to build yours as well.” junglegym.substack.com/p/the-rise-of-…

Growing companies introduce processes to reduce impact of any person leaving. But that also makes it less interesting to work there, b/c by definition people want to work where they have a big impact. The paradox: Actions meant to reduce impact of churn can lead to more churn.

Soulja Boy & Lil B are both successful rappers who aren't taken seriously as top rappers, but are considered pioneers in adjacent business models (e.g. OG influencer, ringtones) What are other examples of people who were just fine at their craft but genius at something adjacent?

Ben's journey from Khan Academy to Spring Discovery is a major inspiration for On Deck longevity—it's proof that you can enter the space from another industry and learn enough to team up with the right experts and build a compelling longevity company. There should be more Bens! pic.twitter.com/tPRr9PRptz twitter.com/kamens/status/…

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Netflix aggregated suppliers (studios), captured unique customer data, and then competed with their suppliers head on by creating content directly. Why couldn’t this also happen in venture capital? Are there material differences between VC & studios that make this unlikely?

At 17, Everette Taylor (@Everette) was homeless after dropping out of high school. Knowing what he wanted in life, Everette began his entrepreneurial journey at 19. By 28, Everette had built 4 multi-million dollar businesses. Here’s his story 👇 pic.twitter.com/8jfd6JMj82

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.@Artsy's mission is to expand the art market to support more art and artists in the world. Hear @artsy's @Everette on how the leading art collector’s online marketplace has driven sales with faster and smarter selling options. #ChallengerBrands adweek.it/ChallengerBran… pic.twitter.com/4WbX1ZVhgo

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“In this single lot sale, @Artsy has solidified itself amongst its traditional auction house peers as a leading voice in art dealing.” graziamagazine.com/us/articles/ar…

I support @POTUS executive order to formally review risks to the semiconductor supply chain. It’s an important step to increase manufacturing in the U.S. Thanks @SenSchumer, @JohnCornyn, @MarkWarner, @RepMcCaul & @DorisMatsui for leadership on #CHIPS Act. @intel will step up!

Congrats to @VMWare on another great quarter! I am proud of my (former) team and cheering you on! twitter.com/vmwarenews/sta…

How cool is this? @mobileye and Udelve fleets of next-gen self-driving vehicles will be making last-mile deliveries soon! Mobileye Drive, commercial solutions for autonomous movement of goods and people, is ready for large-scale deployment. intel.ly/2OJHXBA pic.twitter.com/yJghdbr3HD

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As I’ve said before, @VMware still has its best days ahead! Looking forward to seeing it continue to blossom – in part due to tremendous partnerships like those with @dellTech. Congrats @michaeldell & Zane Rowe! twitter.com/vmwarenews/sta…

Uber's mobility business had its best month since March 2020, passing the $30 billion annualized gross bookings run-rate. The company added that its average daily gross bookings for mobility were up 9% month-over-month. twitter.com/shervin/status…

I remember when Netflix launched in 1999 I signed up the first week and was customer number ~75,000. What a crazy ride watching it evolve to the massive empire it is now. twitter.com/TurnerNovak/st…

Squarespace will be a $20B+ company. Amazing to me that it’s valued at $8.71B. $SQSP at $64 a share seems to be a steal. In my opinion and analysis, I’d expect it to at least double to $128/share by end of 2022.

I’ve never seen a new leader like @PGelsinger step into a new company like he has at $INTC and take charge with such clear vision and articulated strategy. Looking forward to its execution. twitter.com/PGelsinger/sta…

This is the WILD story of a Instagram food accounts that are making 10M+ a year SELLING COOKIES if you haven't heard about this... let's dive in. pic.twitter.com/Wio9F9lgix

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This is cool. A retired cop in NYC has made ~$1M+ giving "Gangster Tours" of new york. He takes you through the mafia territories, tells stories, and you eat local foods. Awesome retirement career. Maybe applicable to others too? (Eg. firefighters, cab drivers etc.) pic.twitter.com/D6kHqt7i2z

You have --> $18 <-- Build Your Startup. Gimme $4 @JeffBezos $1 @ShaanVP $2 @foundersfund $3 @APompliano $4 #Bitcion $4 for @oatly = $18 Name a better team, I'll wait. pic.twitter.com/abIxQ4p9sC

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One of my favorite businesses - Masterclass. Here's me explaining how & why it works in a buck 50 pic.twitter.com/DYCaQqeSpb

Did you know - there's a company behind the "Pantone" color system. And it makes $100m+ a year off this tiny little color book. I break it down in 1 min 43s below pic.twitter.com/CaM8xXwqFs

There's a company called @MedimapHealth that @awilkinson partially owns. In our ep, he explains how they're turning it into a $1b company, step by step. Listen up: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/174… twitter.com/TheHustle/stat…

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Ryan is the founder of Hootsuite, a huge multi billion saas company, and Kernal, which I love and you 100% should try : kern.al Smashhhhh the subscribe button here and you’ll be successful like Ryan, I GUARANTEE IT. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/my-… twitter.com/invoker/status…

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Check this out. Counter Clock is a crime podcast. They just released a new season. Most of the top 10 most popular podcast episodes are currently Counter Clock. Pretty amazing. Crime podcasts are wild. pic.twitter.com/eAZOLuIRAI

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There's a guy making $1m a year giving walking tours. I love this stuff. We broke down how it works and other opportunities like it. Listen up: link.chtbl.com/mfm pic.twitter.com/ikUx9do7kl

Recently I helped a bud sell a blog for $9 million. All cash, mostly all up front. The founder was my best friend @ramonvanmeer. It was a soap opera blog. Yes. A soap opera news site. @ShaanVP interviewed Ramon after the sale. We're reposting today. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/gre…

There's a guy who sells Irish Bar as a service. He's crushing it. What a wild, wild business. We break it down here: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/183… twitter.com/TheHustle/stat…